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Workspace Email Help

How do I create and set up my email account?Activate your email account and set it up on your phone and desktop.
How do I use my email account?Compose your first email, set up calendar, create a folder, change your password or set up email forwarding.
Essential email tasksChange your webmail display settings and calendar, organize your messages within folders, create a forwarding email address or a distribution list. Delete email addresses that you no longer need.
Advanced email tasksSet up auto reply and spam filters, try the updated Workspace email and calendar view, back up your email account content and learn your email account limitations.
What is this feature and how do I use it?Create auto-replies, identities, distribution lists and connect online storage. Learn about SMTP relays and email forwarding.
Connect to third-party applications and pluginsInfo on IMAP and POP and where your server and port settings live in Workspace.
Manual configuration settings for email clients and appsManual configuration settings for email clients and apps
Email account renewal optionsUpgrade, downgrade or change your email plan and account. Turn off auto renew or delete products.
My email account isn’t working (Troubleshooting)Troubleshoot the errors you encounter.


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